Gym Policies

If your athlete or family members are feeling unwell or exhibiting cold, flu or covid symptoms, please stay home for the health and safety of others. Additionally, if your child tells us they are feeling unwell, they will be sent home immediately. If you have ill family members, please keep your child at home to ensure wellness. This has been a longstanding policy at the gym and is especially important now. Please try to limit the number of family members you bring with to watch your child’s class.

Please bring a big enough water bottle to sustain your child for the duration of class or bring multipleMake sure they are able to open their water bottles on their own and that they do not leak or spill easily. We suggest sticking a few $1 bills in their bag in case they need to purchase a water from the gym. 

Please arrive no more than FIVE minutes before your class and be prompt with pickup to keep things running smoothly.  All cars must be parked for drop-off and pickupsNO PARKING/STOPPING ALONG THE BUILDING!

We have tuition boxes in both waiting rooms for your conveniencePlease make sure your child’s first/last name is on the payment and any cash payments are secured in an envelope.  

Class Attire:  Clothing should be form fitted for the safety of your athlete.  All athletes go in barefootCheerleaders may wear shoes during their class provided they are CLEAN and have NEVER been worn outside.  Chin length or longer hair should be pulled back/out of their face (no bobby pins allowed in the gym)NO JEANS, TIGHTS, SKIRTS, ‘JEGGINGS’ OR JEWLERY OF ANY KINDAnyone wearing jeans will not be able to participate in class 
Girls: Leotard preferred (shorts optional)Boys: T-shirt (tucked in) and shorts.   

No chewing gum/candy or beverages other than water are allowed inside the gym.   

Tuition Rates


(40 minutes) 


(50 minutes) 

Level 1  


Level 2  


Level 3 Gymnastics 



$135 x 2 days 


$155 x 2 days 


$175 x 2 days 



Pre-Team/Team & High School 

USAG Comp & Xcel Gold 

USAG OPT & Xcel Platinum 


$125 x 2 days 


$185 (4 hours) 
$220 (6 hours) 



Hotshots, Pre-Team & USAG/High School are invitation only. 

Tuition Policies

All new students will have a non-refundable annual registration fee of $35 due at the time of enrollment.

Tuition is due on the 1st day of each month, regardless of what day you attend class (January 1st, February 1st, etc.). Payments received after the 2nd class of each month will be issued a $15 late fee.

You can now set up tuition payments on Auto-Pay through the parent portal.  There will be a $25 declined autopayment/card fee if your autopayment is declined.




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